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Course Descriptions

PLE 233 - Crime Scene and Evidence Handling

4.5 Credits

This course is the entry level offering for evidence technicians and specialists on the scientific techniques for processing a crime scene. Topic areas to be explored include constitutional and statutory law on search, seizure and admissibility of evidence, determining the expanse of the crime scene(s), the conduct of confined space and open field searches, types of searches, evidence collection techniques, evidence control, packaging and documentation, and court room testimony. Special attention will be placed on explosion, detonation and arson processing. Must currently be a police officer.

Prerequisite: PLE 152.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. To meet the mandated requirements as prescribed by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.
2. Recognize what is and is not evidence.
3. Reconstruct the crime scene through the use of photos, sketches and notes.
4. Collect evidence to aid in establishment of probable cause to arrest and successful prosecution.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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