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Course Descriptions

CSC 202 - Programming Embedded Microcontrollers in C and Assembly

4 Credits

The student will learn how to program, interface and troubleshoot a modern embedded processor such as the Motorola 68HC12 in both C and Assembly Language. Microcontroller architecture will be stressed. Topics include Synchronous and Asynchronous Input/Output, Analog to Digital Conversion, Pulse Width Modulation, Timer/Counters, Interrupts and Parallel Port Programming. Laboratory work will focus on program development, implementation and debugging techniques. Several programming projects will be assigned to be completed outside of class and in lab. A final project and student presentation are required.

Prerequisite(s): Math Level 8 (or higher) or MTH 104/152/165/higher with a C or higher AND CIS 200, or CPT 101 or, CSC 101, or ENR 157, or ENR 161 with a C or higher

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Write low level program code in Assembly Language.
2. Write low level language program code in C-language.
3. Describe the architecture of a modern embedded microcontroller including features such as native integrated peripheral hardware or input/output (I/O) components.
4. Write procedures within applications that utilize the microcontrollers native integrated peripheral hardware or I/O components.
5. Solve common errors that arise in programming microcontroller I/O operations.
6. Write a bi-directional I/O communications procedure.
7. Write an interrupt based I/O device control procedure.
8. Apply C-language programming skills to solve a complex problem.
9. Apply Assembly language programming skills to solve a complex problem.
10. Use effective group problem solving skills on team projects or activities.

Course Offered Fall; Spring

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