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Course Descriptions

HUM 250 - Introduction to Aging for the Human Services Worker

3 Credits

Students will examine contemporary issues impacting older adults such as special needs, changing roles experienced with aging, community resources, legislation and programs designed to meet these multifaceted needs. Students will develop methods for planning and implementing diverse activities and other approaches to encourage maintenance of health and self-sufficiency of the mature adult.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Discuss how the term aging revolution or graying of America impacts the Human Services field.
2. List negative and positive stereotypes of aging.
3. Describe how the social changes adults experience in later years affect case management.
4. Compare and contrast the impact of life positions on the responsibilities of the human services worker such as partnered couples, single, widowed, divorced, never married,remarried.
5. Describe the myths regarding older adults and sexuality.
6. Explain typical characteristics of the aging body in relation to the role of the human services worker.
7. Identify the components of healthy living choices for older adults.
8. Discuss specific factors about the older workers that impact individual decisions to work past retirement age.
9. Describe the activities of the daily living index (ADL).
10. Design resources to assist aging clients with appropriate services.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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