Course Descriptions

OPT 201 - Photo Science

4 Credits

The chemical, optical and physical principles of the photographic system. In a series of laboratory assignments, the student gains experience in the use of a wide variety of equipment, as well as techniques of photographic testing of the system for image quality, information capacity, densitometry and sensitometry. Each student plans and executes a pictorial presentation related to a technical project.

Prerequisites: OPT 131, OPT 151 and OPT 211, or permission of instructor or permission of department.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply knowledge of optical systems to photography.
2. Explain optical properties using images taken from a digital camera.
3. Identify all the components of an imaging system.
4. Explain applications of photography basics.
5. Describe, in writing, the techniques used in creating a sample of images (portfolio).
6. Orally report on the techniques used by the individual in creating a sample of images (portfolio).
7. Create a sample of duplicate images that use various stages of image processing techniques.
8. Utilize appropriate computer technology.

Course Offered Spring

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