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Course Descriptions

BUS 207 - Human Resources Management

3 Credits

An introduction to the principles, practices, and techniques used in the development and implementation of an effective Human Resources/Personnel Management program. The course includes a discussion of employment, training, compensation, labor relations, health and safety and federal laws governing human resource management.

BUS 104 with a grade of C or higher

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe human resource management’s role in business organizations.
2. Explain the impact of employment laws on human resource management in areas which may include recruiting, hiring, compensation, evaluation or promotion.
3. Develop a job analysis that follows acceptable design principles.
4. Explain the components of a job description.
5. Develop job specification requirements.
6. Analyze a job for its motivating potential.
7. Develop a training plan which may include needs assessment, objectives, training methods, or evaluation systems.
8. Describe the methods used in performance management which may include counseling, discipline or performance evaluation.
9. Explain how components of compensation systems can be used to motivate employees.
10. Describe how labor relations affect organizations.

Course Offered Spring

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