Course Descriptions

PPE 240 - Practicum in Professional Skills

3 Credits

An overview and introduction to various professional skills to groups and individuals. The ability to effectively communicate ideas, information, and develop skills that are fundamental to the fields of exercise, wellness or sport. The goal of this course is to provide theoretical and practical experience in individual and group professional skills and written plan for effective professional interactions useful to the student's career path. Electronic recording of the professional skills for skill critique and development is required.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Analyze varying methods of presentation.
2. Apply the methods of presentation techniques to a physical activity setting.
3. Integrate a series of presentation plans that meet National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and NYS Standards for Physical Education that reflect the Physical Best philosophy.
4. Present a self-designed peer teaching interaction.
5. Evaluate the peer teaching experience based on NASPE and NYS Standards.
6. Generate constructive suggestions for other "student teachers" during class.
7. Develop skills to be used in the professional interaction.
8. Discuss professional ethics within the practice of the profession.

Course Offered Spring

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