Course Descriptions

SGT 210 - Professional Issues and Certification for Surgical Technology

2 Credits

This course emphasizes professional and legal issues and approaches to patient care through use of perioperative case management. Job seeking skills are explored. The All Hazards framework for disaster planning and management is presented. Preparation for the surgical technologist certification exam is initiated.

Prerequisite(s): BIO 235 with a grade of C or better, and SGT 201 with a grade of C or better..

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Discuss the characteristics of the professional surgical technologist.
2. Identify steps to take to apply for employment.
3. Produce a professional resume.
4. Analyze interview strategies.
5. Identify and describe qualities needed for retention of a job.
6. Create a plan for continued life-long learning.
7. Interpret legal responsibilities of the surgical technologist and surgical team members.
8. Compare and contrast criminal and civil liabilities and the consequences for these acts.
9. Discuss and interpret documentation techniques that may positively impact quality of care and risk management issues.
10. Describe credentialing options available for the surgical technologist in New York.
11. Analyze methods for appropriate perioperative case management.
12. Describe varying types of disasters or public health emergencies that impact public health in terms of their impact on a community's general health, safety and security risks.
13. Describe the all-hazards framework.
14. Explain key components of disaster preparation and planning.
15. Complete the application for the CST certification exam.
16. Verbalize readiness to take the CST certification exam.

Course Offered Spring

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