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Course Descriptions

BIO 225 - Bioanalytical Techniques I

4 Credits

An introduction to the principles and methods of analytical technique as they relate to quantitative measures of determination. Laboratory experiments include instruction in the use of balances and volumetrics, spectrophotometric analysis, and a variety of titrimetric methods.

Prerequisite: CHE 151 or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply introductory analytical techniques for quantifying chemical concentrations;
2. Discuss the operation of basic laboratory equipment used in the field of analytical chemistry (i. e. pH meter, analytical balance, spectrophotometer, etc. ).
3. Apply the concepts of thermodynamics, acid/base chemistry, or electrochemistry to problems relating to quantitative measurements.
4. Distinguish the titration techniques by different chemical reactions, compute the concentration using appropriate units, and analyze the data using basic statistical methods.
5. Describe the principle of operation of the compound microscope and the transmission and scanning electron microscopes, and discuss some methods of use for each using appropriate terminology.
6. Describe the basic components of the various spectrophotometers and discuss some use of each using appropriate terminology; apply the concept of Beer’s Law to quantify the absorption of radiant energy.

Course Offered Fall

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