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Course Descriptions

CIT 232 - Construction Contracts and Specifications

2 Credits

This course will cover the application of the construction contracts, drawings, and specifications to the construction process. It will cover the role construction documents play as a communication tool for understanding the roles and responsibility of the construction parties. It will follow both the CSI (Construction Specification Institute) and the NYSDOT (New York State Department of Transportation) formats.

Prerequisites: CIT 122, CIT 123 or permission of instructor; corequisite: CIT 217.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. List all the construction documents required for a given project.
2. Coordinate between related construction documents such as plans and specifications.
3. Document construction decisions and information flow.
4. Explain and use different specifications methods
5. Compile a specification takeoff.
6. Evaluate a given contract problem and apply the correct remedy.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023