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Course Descriptions

TRS 200 - Integrated Reading and Writing II

This course has been deactivated and no longer offered at MCC

No Credit

TRS 200 is a course that continuously integrates reading and writing. Students will become better readers through writing and better writers through reading. This recursive process will be applied to a variety of texts, including academic essays and multi-modal forms. The reading, writing, and thinking skills developed in TRS 200 will be relevant to other college coursework.

Prerequisite: TRS 100 with a C or better or Accuplacer reading score of 58-70.9.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Create products that integrate reading and writing.
2. Summarize key ideas of academic multi-modal texts.
3. Synthesize key concepts and information from academic multi-modal texts.
4. Develop organized, logical academic essays.
5. Exhibit competence in Standard English.
6. Apply appropriate reading strategies to academic texts at the literal level, such as previewing or developing concept maps.
7. Engage academic multi-modal texts at the critical level.
8. Articulate rhetorical structures in texts, such as audience and purpose.
9. Practice appropriate documentation of outside sources, such as MLA.
10. Exhibit positive academic self-concept related to reading, writing, and learning.

Course Offered Fall; Spring

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