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Course Descriptions

CLT 110 - Specimen Procurement and Processing

1 Credit

This course is an introduction to the collection and processing of patient specimens for clinical laboratory testing. The primary emphasis is venipuncture technique and its importance in sample quality. Other topics include communication skills, quality assurance, safety and infection control procedures, applicable medical terminology, capillary blood collection, collection of specimens other than blood, and specimen handling.

Prerequisite(s): CLT 100 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 134, BIO 142, BIO 144 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate proper hand hygiene.
2. Demonstrate proper donning and removing of personal protective equipment.
3. Demonstrate proper venipuncture technique.
4. Describe infection prevention practices related to specimen collection, transport or processing.
5. Describe safety practices for hazards such as chemical, fire or biohazardous material.
6. Define medical terminology related to laboratory testing or blood sample collection.
7. Identify human anatomic structures such as veins, arteries or nerves at commonly used blood collection sites.
8. Identify supplies required for blood sample collection.
9. Describe the pre-examination factors that affect specimen integrity.
10. Describe common clinical laboratory quality assurance practices.
11. Describe the use of laboratory information systems.
12. Describe professional communication skills that would ensure patient safety and comfort.

Course Offered Spring

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