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Course Descriptions

CRC 230 - Cloud Security

This course has been deactivated and no longer offered at MCC

3 Credits

The economies of scale and flexibility of cloud systems offer strengths and challenges from a security perspective. The enormous concentrations of resources and data found in the cloud present a very attractive target for malicious activity. However, cloud-based resistance to threats can be made robust, scalable, and cost-effective. This course focuses on the development of strategies that address the security risks and benefits of using cloud computing and on developing Defense-in-Depth tactics to protect corporate resources deployed in the cloud.

Prerequisite: CRC 133

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe frameworks used to secure cloud resources
2. Develop strategies for alternate approaches such as private, public, and hybrid clouds
3. Research issues related to loss of control and lack of trust associated with the cloud
4. Analyze the cloud's impact on traditional security roles
5. Implement various "Security as a Service" (SaaS) methodologies
6. Implement risk management strategies including data backup and disaster recovery

Course Offered Fall; Spring

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Fall Semester 2024
Summer Session 2024