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Course Descriptions

MTH 140 - Technical Mathematics I*

3 Credits

A course dealing with the algebraic and trigonometric concepts needed to solve problems in various technical areas. It includes a study of linear and trigonometric equations, dimensional analysis, ratios and proportion, functions and their graphs, right triangle trigonometry, graphs of trigonometric functions, vectors, and statistical topics. NOTE: A specific calculator will be required of all students in this course.

Prerequisite: MTH 135 with a grade of C or better or MTH 104 with a grade of C or better, or MCC Level 8 Mathematics placement. *MTH 135, MTH 140 and/or MTH 141 are required in various technology programs. They do not fulfill a mathematics requirement for an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree.

New SUNY General Education: SUNY - Mathematics (and Quantitative Reasoning)

Retiring SUNY General Education: SUNY-M - Mathematics (SMAT)

MCC General Education: MCC-CT - Critical Thinking (MCT), MCC-QL - Quantitative Literacy (MQL)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Evaluate a function, expressed in function notation, for a specified input value.
2. Graph functions using a table of values.
3. Find the domain or range of functions.
4. Find the inverse function of a one-to-one function.
5. Convert an angle measurement between radians and degrees.
6. Evaluate trigonometric functions for any angle.
7. Solve vector problems using components.
8. Determine the features of trigonometric functions which may include amplitude, period, or displacement.
9. Sketch the graphs of trigonometric functions which may include sine, cosine, or tangent.
10. Prove identities involving the trigonometric functions.
11. Solve equations involving trigonometric or inverse trigonometric functions.
12. Determine statistical measures such as the mean, median, mode, or standard deviation.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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