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Course Descriptions

EMS 246 - Pediatric Advanced Care

1 Credit

This course presents concepts in advanced airway management and resuscitation of pediatric patients in the emergency setting. Specific topics include special pharmacology for pediatric patients, interosseous infusion, and cardiac resuscitation of pediatric patients. Completion also leads to eligibility for PALS certificate from the American Heart Association. This course contains content that is woven into the full program and is not just a standalone topic.

Prerequisite: EMS 270 or equivalent.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify common causes of pediatric emergencies and prioritize interventions based on patient needs using a defined care plan.
2. Demonstrate patient care skills on various training simulators such as cardiac rhythm monitoring, endotracheal intubation, foreign body removal, surgical airway, intravenous access, intraosseous access, and medication administration.

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2024
Summer Session 2024