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Course Descriptions

CIT 202 - Route Surveying

4 Credits

Horizontal and vertical curves, spirals, sight distance, staking out a highway. Earthwork including cross-sections, areas, volumes, borrow pits.

Prerequisite: CIT 101.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Set up and operate an electronic distance measuring device.
2. Draft and calculate the geometry for a horizontal circular curve
3. Draft and calculate the geometry for compound horizontal circular and reverse curves
4. Prepare and use field notes for both horizontal and vertical curves to include deflection angles and chords
5. Solve problems dealing with the application of spirals used in conjunction with horizontal curves
6. Draft and solve problems dealing with super-elevation on horizontal curves
7. Draft and solve problems dealing with vertical curves
8. Draft profile and cross-section of route from a topographic map and determine the earth work involved
9. Draft a mass-haul diagram

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2024
Summer Session 2024