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Course Descriptions

HUM 106 - Human Services Focus

4 Credits

Designed to allow maximum, flexible response to specific needs of groups and agencies with particular human service problems. Details of specific offerings will be available at registration time each semester offered. Students must be qualified ( based on Accuplacer) to take ENG 101 in order to register for this course. In conjunction with this course, the student must take and pass HUM 116 Field Work in Human Services Focus.

Prerequisite: HUM 101 with a grade of C- or better

MCC General Education: MCC-VE - Values and Ethics (MVE)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Examine his/her life history and discuss individual life influences on the selection of this profession.
2. Discuss and describe a wide range of essential helping skills.
3. Examine his/her helping skills and select those areas where needs exist.
4. Evaluate which individual helping skills are lacking, in need of remediation or subject to development to a higher level of competence.
5. Create goals and plans for meeting individual needs for skill development.
6. Appraise the success of each plan for improvement.

Course Offered Summer

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Summer Session 2024