Course Descriptions

SGT 110 - Foundations of Surgical Technology

1 Credit

This course introduces the roles of the various surgical team members and orients students to the basic organization of healthcare facilities. Interpersonal relationships, communication and teamwork, and ethical standards of conduct are emphasized. Responsibilities of scrub, circulating and second assisting surgical technologists are explored.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the historical development of surgery.
2. Compare different types of health care facilities and contrast how they differ from each other.
3. Identify the management structure of the hospital and describe its purpose.
4. Discuss various healthcare related agencies and their impact on health delivery.
5. Describe procedures for accrediting hospitals and educational programs.
6. Interpret a job description for a surgical technologist.
7. Identify members of the surgical team and their roles.
8. Identify factors that affect one’s own personal and professional life, which may include: adjustment to school, stress, conflict, etc.
9. Explain the impact of professional organizations and other materials relevant to OR practice.
10. Identify hospital departments that relate to the surgical suite in providing quality patient care.
11. Explain the principles of effective communication, teamwork and leadership in the surgical setting.
12. Discuss ethics as it relates to the surgical technologist and healthcare providers.
13. Identify the rights of health care consumers to receive quality patient care.
14. Discuss Surgical Conscience.
15. Express requirements to practice as a Surgical Technologist in New York State.

Course Offered Fall

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