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Course Descriptions

TRS 100 - Integrated Reading and Writing I

No Credit

Integrated Reading and Writing I is a four-hour foundational course with a two-hour required lab component. This course is designed to help students admitted through the Transitional Studies Department progress in their academic reading, writing, and learning skills. Students will develop effective reading strategies, increase reading fluency, expand vocabulary, improve Standard English writing skills, and produce unified, coherent text. Students will read, write, and reflect upon contextualized materials related to local, global, social, career, and other relevant topics.

Accuplacer reading score 40-57.9.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Engage effectively in the stages of the writing process by including evidence of prewriting and/or drafting.
2. Engage effectively in the stages of the writing process by including evidence of revising.
3. Employ a variety of sentence structures in written work.
4. Write unified texts that contain a supported central idea.
5. Use effective organization and appropriate transitions within texts.
6. Employ varied patterns of development in written work.
7. Apply appropriate strategies, such as skimming, scanning, predicting, visualizing, and activating schema, before reading contextualized expository and narrative text.
8. Differentiate main ideas and supporting details in expository text during reading.
9. Determine the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary in a text by applying vocabulary tools and text features, such as context clues, dictionary, glossary, text boxes,or common roots and affixes.
10. Monitor comprehension while reading expository or narrative text by correctly applying the following strategies: annotating, highlighting, note-taking, creating graphic organizers, questioning, or predicting.
11. Recall or reflect on key points, orally and in writing, after reading expository and narrative text.
12. Exhibit a positive academic self-concept related to reading, writing, and learning.
13. Exhibit competence in Standard English, such as word choice, word usage, and mechanics.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023