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Course Descriptions

EMS 240 - Paramedic Clinical and Field Experience II

7 Credits

This course provides the paramedic student with an opportunity to apply previously learned knowledge and skills in a supervised clinical setting. Rotations in this course include the emergency department, medical and surgical intensive care, pediatrics and pediatric intensive care, labor and delivery, psychiatric, and prehospital experience. Student must demonstrate competence in certain skills during the course. Must be currently enrolled in the paramedic certification program.

Prerequisite: EMS 239

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify and describe a broad range of medical emergencies encountered by paramedics
2. Perform a thorough interview and assessments with diverse medical and trauma complaints
3. Articulate a complete treatment plan and (under the supervision of a preceptor) perform patient care as appropriate for a paramedic.
4. Participate in patient care in specialty areas of a hospital and relate how paramedic care may impact the treatment received in that unit
5. Describe clinical interactions including a presumptive diagnosis and treatments performed in an appropriate format

Course Offered Fall

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