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Course Descriptions

PSC 110 - Practicum in Public Safety Telecommunicator

12 Credits

This course provides the probationary/trainee public safety telecommunicator with a real-life, applied learning environment for the knowledge and skills acquired in PSC 100 Public Safety Telecommunicator and PSC 101 Emergency Medical Dispatch. This one-on-one learning experience with a communications training officer increases the student's proficiency as a telecommunicator. The student's degree of direct involvement increases and accelerates with experience.

Prerequisite(s): PSC100 and PSC 101.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Process incoming reports and requests for service and initiate the appropriate response to public safety emergencies
2. Analyze requests for service from a diverse population to acquire information related to an incident
3. Utilize the tools available to public safety telecommunicators for electronic communications, record keeping, or voice communications.
4. Communicate with a 911 caller to obtain information necessary to initiate an appropriate public safety response.
5. Determine the nature of requests for emergency medical assistance based on 911 caller reported signs and symptoms
6. Select the appropriate emergency medical care instructions and assistance to be given to a 911 caller based on standardized medical dispatch algorithms and protocols to 911 callers prior to the arrival of emergency responders.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023