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Course Descriptions

PHY 262 - Modern Physics

4 Credits

An introductory course in modern physics for those who have completed two semesters of University Physics. Topics include relativity, quantum mechanics, and the application of quantum mechanics to atomic and nuclear structure.

Prerequisites: PHY 261 with a grade of C or higher; MTH 212 or MTH 225 taken concurrently or previously completed.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Solve a relativistic velocity addition problem.
2. Solve a problem requiring the use of the Lorentz transformation.
3. Solve a relativistic collision problem requiring energy and momentum conservation.
4. Solve a diffraction of matter waves problem.
5. Solve the Schrodinger equation for a piecewise-constant potential.
6. Solve for the expectation value and uncertainty of position and momentum given a specified wavefunction.
7. Solve for the net energy release of a given nuclear reaction.
8. Demonstrate competency with complex lab instruments.
9. Differentiate between good and bad data.
10. Evaluate data using error analysis.
11. Write a hypothesis for a laboratory experiment.
12. Draw a conclusion from a laboratory experiment and rewrite a hypothesis, if necessary.

Course Offered Spring

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