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Course Descriptions

BUS 204 - Management: Theory and Practice

3 Credits

A study of the theories and practices that are used in the organization and management of profit and non-profit business and institutions. Topics will include planning, decision making, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.

Prerequisite: BUS 104 with a grade of C or higher

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply traditional management theories to current management problems.
2. Discuss the fundamentals of planning and strategy.
3. Explain the strategic management process.
4. Formulate appropriate organizational structures using the seven elements of organizations.
5. Explain how to motivate employees using motivational theories.
6. Discuss the dynamics of teams in organizations.
7. Apply leadership theories to different organizational situations.
8. Describe the managerial control process.
9. Discuss ways to improve communication within organizations.
10. Describe barriers to decision making.
11. Discuss the role of human resource management in organizations.
12. Discuss individual differences among individuals, which may include values, attitudes, personality, perception, or diversity.
13. Discuss an organization's obligations to society, which may include ethics, social responsibility or sustainability.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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