Course Descriptions

NUR 050 - Application of the Nursing Process

No Credit

Introduction to curriculum concepts with emphasis on the use of the nursing process as the student assesses the basic needs of clients. Selected nursing content from the core curriculum is discussed. Selected academic and nursing skills will be reviewed. Competency will be assessed.

Prerequisites: NUR 050 is required for students who are transferring into the program, admitted with advanced standing, or returning to the program after an absence of one year. Completion of NUR 050 requirement is valid for one year. Students reentering NUR 111 do not need to take NUR 050.

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Describe the Philosophy and Conceptual Framework of the Department of Nursing.
2.Describe the nursing process.
3.Apply the nursing process to selected patient situations.
4.Complete an individualized learning needs assessment.
5.Analyze one's own academic skills related to test-taking, prioritization, study habits and concept review.
6.Demonstrate competency in physical assessment.
7.Demonstrate competency in dosage calculation.
8.Demonstrate competency in pharmacology basics, including specific medications covered in the curriculum.
9.Demonstrate competency in computerized testing.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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