Course Descriptions

The following is a complete listing of courses offered at MCC. You can also visit our Programs of Study page for a list of course requirements necessary to complete your degree.

AAD - Applied Art and Design
ACC - Accounting
ACD - Alcohol/Chemical Dependency
AGS - Agricultural Studies
ANT - Anthropology
ARA - Arabic/Foreign Language
ART - Art
ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
ATP - Automotive Technology
BIO - Biology
BUS - Business
CDL - Interdisciplinary
CE - Cooperative Education-Disney World
CE - Hospitality
CE - Office Technology
CEL - Leadership
CHE - Chemistry
CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language
CIN - Cinema Studies
CIS - Computer Information Systems
CIT - Civil and Construction Technology
CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician
COM - Communication
COS - College Success
CPT - Computer Technology
CRC - Computer Related Curricula
CRJ - Criminal Justice
CSC - Computer Science
DAS - Dental Assisting
DEN - Dental Hygiene
EBL - Experience Based Learning
ECE - Education and Early Care
ECO - Economics
EDU - Education
ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
ENG - English Literature
ENG - English Writing
ENR - Engineering Science
ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)
FPT - Fire Protection Technology
FRE - French/Foreign Language
FSA - Food Service Administration
GEG - Geography
GEO - Geology
GER - German/Foreign Language
GLF - Golf Management
HBR - Hebrew/Foreign Language
HED - Health Education
HEG - Health Education Global
HIM - Health Information Technology
HIS - History
HMN - Humanities
HON - Honors Studies
HPR - Health Professions
HSM - Homeland Security Administration
HSP - Hospitality
HTL - Hotel Technology
HUM - Human Services
HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
IDE - Interior Design
ITA - Italian/Foreign Language
JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language
LAW - Law
LDS - Leadership
MAR - Marketing
MET - Mechanical Technology
MFG - Manufacturing Technology: Automation / Robotics
MTH - Mathematics
MUS - Music
NUR - Nursing
OFT - Office Technology
OPT - Optical Systems Technology
PE - Physical Education--Coed
PEC - Physical Education--Coed
PEJ - Physical Education-Criminal Justice
PEM - Physical Education--Men
PEW - Physical Education-Women
PHL - Philosophy
PHO - Photography
PHY - Physics
PLE - Police: Law Enforcement
PLS - Paralegal Studies
POR - Portuguese/Foreign Language
POS - Political Science
PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
PSC - Public Safety Communications
PSC - Public Safety Training
PST - Public Safety Training
PSY - Psychology
REA - Reading
SBS - Honors Studies
SBS - Social & Behavioral Sciences
SCI - Science
SCR - Computer Security
SGT - Surgical Technology
SMT - Sports Management
SOC - Sociology
SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
SPC - Speech Communication
STT - Solar Thermal Technology
STT 101 - Introduction to Solar Thermal Technology

3 Credits

This course covers history of solar thermal technology and related topics. Additionally, the basic principles of solar thermal systems will be covered. Students will be introduced to the components of a solar thermal system including collectors, heat transfer devices, and related hydronic components. Three class hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Articulate an understanding of the history of solar thermal technology.
2. Identify the conservation and economic issues related to solar thermal technology.
3. Identify types of solar thermal collectors.
4. Identify solar thermal system components.
5. Identify the types of solar water heating systems.
6. Identify the components of solar space heating systems.
7. Demonstrate the ability to select appropriate systems for various applications.

Course Offered Spring only

STT 102 - Solar Thermal Installations

3 Credits

This course will explore the pertinent plumbing codes, components of OSHA fall protection, roof structures, proper piping practices, and proper installation of solar components and solar systems. The course will also review basic crane direction. Two class hours, two lab hours.

Prerequisite: STT 101

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify, evaluate, and recognize safety hazards in the solar thermal industry.
2. Design proper piping configurations for solar thermal installations according to NABCEP standards.
3. Install proper piping configurations for solar thermal installations according to NABCEP standards.
4. Handle, locate, and securely mount solar thermal collectors to an associated structure according to NABCEP standards.
5. Charge and start up solar thermal systems according to NABCEP standards.
6. Test and verify solar thermal system operations according to NABCEP standards.
7. Implement safety procedures associated with identified hazards.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

STT 201 - Troubleshooting and Preventative Maintenance for Solar Thermal Systems, with Lab/Field Experiences

3 Credits

The course will explore issues related to system design, performance, and efficiency. System operation, symptom diagnosis, repair, and maintenance will be covered. Students will work on the laboratory or field installed systems. Two class hours, two lab hours.

Prerequisites: STT 101, STT 102

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain proper solar thermal system installation and design.
2. Identify the appropriate sequence of events for solar thermal systems.
3. Evaluate solar thermal system performance.
4. Assess solar thermal system operating parameters and recognize system problems.
5. Articulate solar thermal system corrective measures and required maintenance.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

SUS - Sustainability Studies
SVL - Service Learning
TAM - Tooling and Machining
TEK - Technology
THE - Theatre
TOY - Toyota
TRS - Transitional Studies
TVL - Travel And Tourism
XRT - Radiologic Technology