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Urban Studies

A.S. Degree - Transfer Program

Department:Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology

School(s): Social Sciences & Global Studies

MCC Program Code: UR01
CIP Code: 45.1201
NYSED Code (BRI): 37567
NYSED Code (DCC): 37568

50% or more of this program can be completed online.

This program's design is based on: New MCC General Education

The Urban Studies Program focuses on the evolution of America’s urban communities from their origins in the 17th century to the globalized cities of today. Students study the economic, social, political and cultural forces that influenced the various phases in this transition. This track focuses heavily on the contemporary challenges faced by America’s metropolitan communities coming from developments at the global, national and local levels, challenges such changes in the local economy and problems of employment, the unequal access to material, educational and cultural resources, the fair distribution of public and private resources, environmental problems and land use issues. Students are encouraged to focus on the human as well as material assets of metro communities in constructing socially and environmentally sustainable communities. The track’s academic program includes opportunities to complement the knowledge gained in the classroom with real life experiences in the greater Rochester metro area.

Program Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the origin and development of cities
2. Apply the major theoretical approaches used to understand urban social life
3. Distinguish the major research methods employed in the study of urban environments
4. Apply empirical reasoning to analyzing urban social issues
5. Apply sociological analysis to the Greater Rochester area.
6. Develop the ability to conduct sociological research within the urban environment 
7. Develop the ability to communicate their research findings through written and oral communication.