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Food Management

Certificate Program


School(s): Applied Sciences & Technologies

MCC Program Code: HM08
CIP Code: 19.0505
NYSED Code (BRI): 01226

The Food Service Management Certificate program is designed for the student who has sufficient work experience in the production and service areas of the food industry and who would like to gain a deeper insight into food management areas for job enrichment, promotional consideration or possible future positions.
(Housed in the Hospitality Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1) Demonstrate the ability to apply proper food handling techniques.
2) Apply different cooking techniques and predict their outcome.
3) Discuss current trends in the food service industry from a menu planning perspective.
4) Assess the factors that influence healthy food choices throughout the life cycle.
5) Demonstrate the basic fundamentals of cooking in a professional kitchen.
6) Provide basic supervision of employees in the hospitality environment.
7) Demonstrate basic accounting skills.
8) Undertake basic activities associated with food purchasing, storage and handling in a hospitality environment

DEACTIVATED - NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS - Review the New Hospitality Certificate as an option