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Course Descriptions

XRT 111 - Radiographic Technology I

9 Credits

An introductory course in radiographic technology fundamentals. The course focuses on radiographic positioning procedural competency, radiographic exposure principles and application, radiographic image processing essentials, medical terminology, and basic patient care.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Simulate the performance of twenty-five radiographic procedures of the appendicular skeleton, chest and abdomen using a systematic process while providing patient education and applying safe practices to protect the patient, self and the public.
2. Evaluate radiographic images of the appendicular skeleton, chest and abdomen for image quality and normal anatomy.
3. Explain technical theories verbally and in writing and evaluate the validity of these technical theories in the laboratory setting.
4. Differentiate between the major image receptor technologies by comparing and contrasting the methods of image capture, response, methods of image acquisition, processing, display and storage.
5. Apply medical terminology to the practice of radiologic technology and other medical imaging sciences and identify strategies to determine an understanding of medical shorthand and abbreviations.
6. Identify basic patient care requirements and skills for the radiographer as they relate to the patient's bill of rights, effective communications, patient care and assessment, infection control, medications and administration, and dealing with acute situations.

Course Offered Fall

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Spring Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023