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Course Descriptions

TVL 101 - Introduction to Travel and Tourism

3 Credits

This course offers an insightful look into the fields of travel, tourism and hospitality. Students will explore the many exciting career opportunities that await them in an industry that has propelled to the forefront of world business. The economic role of travel and tourism is assessed with regard to its impact on public policy and destination development. Domestic and international air travel, car rentals, rail and the world of lodging are just a few of the topics that will be examined.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Compare and contrast the hub-and-spoke versus point to point travel systems.
2. Describe the differences in air transportation practices and procedures prior to deregulation versus after deregulation.
3. Explain differences among domestic airline overbooking, denied boarding compensation, and bumping of passengers.
4. Research and compare ancillary fees charged by domestic carriers.
5. Differentiate between domestic and international services.
6. Contrast train service in the United States with that of other countries.
7. Explain the customer qualifications necessary to rent a car both domestically and internationally.
8. Describe various types of hotels and the markets they serve.
9. List the variables that affect hotel room rates.
10. List the benefits of the train travel pass system.
11. Describe various hotel industry procedures using appropriate terminology.
12. Describe the role of a destination marketing organization or tourism board.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2024
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