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Course Descriptions

HIM 209 - Management, Supervision & Personal Development for the HIM Practitioner

2 Credits

This course will encompass an introduction to managerial concepts and functions, to include supervisory techniques, planning, organizing, actuating and controlling, leadership, motivation, forms design, and tools of management specifically developed for health care settings. Content also includes emphasis on development of oral and written communication skills.

Prerequisite(s): HIM 205 and HIM 208, each with a minimum grade of C.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Plan budgets for use in a Health Information Department.
2. Explain accounting methodologies to include budget variances.
3. Utilize health information to support enterprise wide decision support for strategic planning.
4. Explain a data collection methodology for use in assessing customer satisfaction.
5. Explain the role of a Health Information Manager.
6. Apply the fundamentals of team leadership as it relates to the role of Chief Information Officer.
7. Organize staff meetings.
8. Report staffing levels and productivity standards for health information functions.
9. Explain the methodology of training and development.
10. Interpret compliance with local, state and federal labor standards.
11. Utilize strategies to monitor, report or improve processes.
12. Explain the impact of change management on processes, people, or systems.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2023