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Course Descriptions

FPT 113 - Firefighter II

3 Credits

This course provides structural firefighters with the knowledge and skills required to respond to emergencies under general supervision of a company officer. Both hands-on use of fire training simulators and classroom presentations/activities are integrated in the course. Topics include incident command implementation, building materials and collapse, special rescue and vehicle extrication, hydrant flow and operability, hose tools, foam operations, flammable liquid/gases, detection, alarm systems, fire department communications, pre-fire planning, special situations, and fire suppression strategy and tactics.

Prerequisite: FPT 111

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Execute the steps to apply firefighting foam to suppress fire and vapors.
2. Disentangle a victim from an automobile accident.
3 . Perform an emergency response scene size-up.
4. Identify threats to firefighter safety based on the assessment of building construction and fire conditions.
5. Describe the components for a fire and life safety education program.
6. Implement the incident command system at an incident.
7. Perform the duties of a firefighting team member under the command of a company officer.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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