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Course Descriptions

PLE 220 - Instructor Development Course

4.5 Credits

Public safety professionals have important knowledge and skills obtained through study and life experience. This course will provide the tools for the Bureau of Municipal Police instructor candidate to develop the research, preparation, and communication skills necessary for effective presentations. The focus is on training needs, writing instructional objectives, lesson planning, graphic support, adult learning concepts, communication skills, the instructional process, and assessment. Participants will be required to develop and deliver a fifty-minute instructional block on a police topic of their choice. Student must be in service as a public safety professional.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Meet the mandated requirements as prescribed by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
2. Demonstrate an understanding and apply learning objectives.
3. Develop lesson plans.
4. Research, prepare and communicate knowledge to students with an emphasis placed on the development and enhancement of competency in the practical and tested instructional skills and techniques required for productive and efficient training results.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023