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Course Descriptions

PPE 213 - Gymnastics Theories and Practices

2 Credits

Focus is on the student's attainment of methods, theory and skills for teaching artistic, rhythmical, and acrobatic gymnastics to participants of pre-school through high school physical education/recreation programs. The history and philosophy of gymnastics and the administration of gymnastic programs (classes, exhibitions, meets and clubs) will also be studied. (Open to Physical Studies students only.)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate proficiency in spotting and recognize the importance of safety at all times during activity sessions.
2. Develop a progression-oriented teaching approach in a gymnastics program. This includes understanding building success early in the program, then expanding on that success as the students move to higher levels of proficiency.
3. Research and demonstrate classroom management skills in an open setting of a gymnasium.
4. Demonstrate basic competencies in tumbling and apparatus skills as assessed through a skill rubric.
5. List and discuss the benefits of a gymnastics unit on developing an adolescent's body awareness.

Course Offered Spring

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