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Course Descriptions

PLE 221 - Field Training and Evaluation

2 Credits

This course will provide the proper concepts of leadership and techniques of assessment, counseling, and documentation necessary for an experienced public safety professional to supervise and evaluate newly assigned recruit officers who have completed the academic component of basic recruit training. The focus is to develop the abilities of the experienced public safety professional to assist the recruit in a smooth transition from academic lecture to street reality. Successful completion of this course fulfills the requirements to become a Field Training Officer. Student must be in service as a public safety professional for at least three years.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. To meet the mandated requirements as prescribed by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.
2. Produce a competent police officer.
3. Provide standardized training for all new officers.
4. Provide clear standards for rating and evaluation of police officers.

Course Offered Fall

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Spring Semester 2023