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Course Descriptions

PLE 210 - Police Supervision

6 Credits

The purpose of the course in Police Supervision is to insure that law enforcement officers newly promoted to supervisory rank receive a course of professional training in the principles of supervision and management to prepare them to carry out their duties properly. This course reflects a balanced overview of the role of the supervisor and also provides an understanding of the knowledge and the skills needed by the supervisor to function effectively, efficiently, and professionally. Special emphasis is placed on incident management, leadership skills, communications, and resource development. Student must be a law enforcement professional who is in line for promotion.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Attend 105 hours of training relating to police supervision, including but not limited to: Styles of Police Leadership, Contemporary Police Issues, Team Building and Leadership, Transition to supervision, Communications Community relations, Community policing/crime prevention, Legal updates, Constitutional law, civil rights law, civil liability, role of the supervisor, supervisor as interviewer/evaluator/trainer/counselor/disciplinarian, Supervisor of work related problems, Supervisor as writer, Supervisor as manager of the FTO program, Employee assistance-stress management, Post traumatic incident procedures, terrorism, tactical street survival, child protective issues, mental health issues, and Incident command.
2. Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the different styles of police leadership as it applies to public safety agencies and be able to understand how to adapt these styles when called upon to perform the duties of a first-line supervisor.
3. Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the roles of a supervisor and how these roles are important to performing the duies associated with public safety supervision.
4. Demonstrate an understanding and be able to apply the skills associated with managing a critical incident in the community.

Course Offered Spring

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Spring Semester 2023