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Course Descriptions

FPT 142 - Firefighter Core Competencies Update and Refresher II

3 Credits

This course is part of a three-course sequence which provides a systematic plan of study to assist firefighters to maintain their proficiency in core competencies and knowledge. Completion of the three-course sequence meets requirements for annual firefighter in-service training mandated by 19NYCR Part 426.7.

Prerequisite: FPT 113 or equivalent

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Participate as a member of a firefighting team without supervision by meeting commonly-held expectations of job performance in the field.
2. Operate with proficiency self-contained breathing apparatus and other personal protective equipment commonly used by firefighters in firefighting operations.
3. Demonstrate a variety of necessary skills required of firefighters to perform safely and effectively, which may include: personal safety and protective equipment, firefighting hand tools, hose practices, specific rescue practices, or first aid.
4. Explain various concepts common to firefighting, which may include: fire behavior, fire prevention, ventilation, fire stream hydraulics, natural fire cover behavior/control, or first aid.

Course Offered Spring

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