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Course Descriptions

PLE 201 - Interview and Interrogation

2 Credits

The program is designed to provide investigators with proven techniques that can be applied in various accusatory and non-accusatory interview situations. Participants will develop skills in preparing for the interrogation with a "game plan" which emphasizes a pro-active rather than reactive role. Participants will learn what to expect, what to look for, and how to interpret what is happening in the interrogation setting. A series of lectures, video tape exercises, practical hands-on classroom experiences, and evening assignments are used in the instruction. The program includes up-to-date information on the legal aspects of interrogation and admissibility of the confession into court. Student must be in service as a public safety professional.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Provide techniques that can be applied in interview situations.
2. Develop skills in preparing in for interrogation.
3. Identify the phases of the interrogation.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Spring Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023