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Course Descriptions

CIN 221 - The Movie Business

3 Credits

Movies are a mass medium that has evolved from two art forms: the theatre and photography. But almost from the very beginning, the movies became a commercial enterprise with movie-making following an assembly line model of production. In order to fully understand the movies, students must understand the business that shapes almost all aspects of the process. This course will provide an overview to the business aspects of the movie industry. Specifically, topics will include financing, domestic/global marketing, distribution and exhibition.

Prerequisite: CIN 120

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Define and explain the functions and people involved in the movie business through examinations, class projects, and class discussion.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the many business facets of the movie industry.
3. Explain the relationships between the production and business functions at a movie studio.
4. Analyze business problems facing the movie industry.
5. Develop solutions to business problems in the movie industry.

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2023