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Course Descriptions

HUM 220 - Working with Clients Post-Incarceration

3 Credits

This course addresses issues that may be encountered by those whose work brings them into contact with individuals who are returning, or have recently returned, to society from incarceration. It includes understanding of the stigma attached to their legal status, the barriers that they may encounter, and the sometimes misguided mind-set with which some formerly incarcerated individuals anticipate their return to families and society as a whole. Additionally, the course includes topics such as interaction with legal supervision, case management, housing, and employment for the formerly incarcerated.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain and discuss factors that facilitate the successful reintegration of formerly incarcerated clients (FICs) into society.
2. Understand and explain the human service worker's interactions with supervisors of clients including, but not confined to Parole and Probation officers and court officials within the legal system.
3. Explain and discuss the complexities of supervised housing and other housing issues for FICs.
4. Simulate case management skills and techniques in guiding clients through the realities of returning to society including family reunification, employment and housing.
5. Demonstrate knowledge of and identify resources for re-entering individuals such as treatment facilities, DHS, and other organizations.
6. Demonstrate appropriate professional boundaries in working with clients, their families, and other professionals in the field.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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