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Course Descriptions

HIM 115 - Medical Office Pharmacology

1 Credit

Basic pharmacology terminology and concepts for the medical office professional. Topics include drug terminology, abbreviations, regulatory agencies, drug administration, dosage, effects, and use of drug references.

Prerequisite/corequisite: HIM 104

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Utilize resource materials to assess information relative to Pharmacologic substances.
2. Summarize the association between the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration as each relates to the study of Pharmacology.
3. Categorize drugs into their appropriate drug schedules.
4. Differentiate between chemical names, generic names, and brand names of drugs.
5. Differentiate between the actions of drugs commonly used in the treatment of specific body conditions.
6. Differentiate the action of commonly-used pharmaceuticals appropriate for specific body system conditions.
7. Differentiate the action of drugs appropriate for specific body system conditions.
8. Distinguish between analgesics, anesthetics, sedatives and hypnotics.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2023