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Course Descriptions

DAS 110 - Preclinical Dental Assisting

4 Credits

This course provides foundational didactic content and preclinical/laboratory practice of essential dental assisting skills and chairside dental assisting functions. Topics include examination and assessment procedures, equipment and materials, instrumentation techniques, treatment procedures and the legal supportive functions/skills performed by a licensed dental assistant during restorative procedures. Preclinical practice will prepare students for clinical externship experiences in the spring semester.

**DAS 110 SLN is offered as part of the D.A.R.T. online DA program.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the organizational structure of the dental team.
2. Describe the duties of various dental professionals.
3. Describe the educational requirements of each member of the dental team.
4. Compare and contrast the roles and responsibilities of dental team members.
5. Construct accurate general and periodontal charting systems.
6. Demonstrate accurate general and periodontal charting procedures.
7. Apply techniques of safe and efficient four-handed dentistry.
8. Describe the functions of specific dental instruments.
9. Describe the proper processing and sterilization of specific dental instruments.
10. Apply procedures for the operation of the dental unit and equipment in the dental operatory.
11. Apply infection control procedures for disinfection of the dental operatory.
12. Apply techniques for assembling, breakdown and transfer of an anesthetic syringe.
13. Apply techniques for matricing during restorative procedures.
14. Demonstrate procedures for isolation during restorative procedures.
15. Demonstrate procedures for evacuation and moisture control during patient treatment.
16. Demonstrate the legally delegated restorative functions of a licensed, certified dental assistant permitted by the New York State Dental Practice Act.
17. Demonstrate accurate manipulation of and placement of various dental cements.
18. Collect and document patient's vital signs.
19. Collect and document a patient's medical history.
20. Apply procedures to perform an orofacial examination.

Course Offered Fall

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