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Course Descriptions

ATP 102 - Electrical 1

3 Credits

In Electrical 1, the student will begin to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities in order to service, diagnose, and repair vehicles in this specialized area. The goal of this course is to make you proficient in electrical diagnosis on your path to becoming a General Motors certified technician.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Department

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Measure electrical circuits using a test light.
2. Measure electrical circuits using a digital multimeter.
3. Measure electrical circuits using an oscilloscope.
4. Apply Ohm’s Law to automotive electrical circuits.
5. Apply Kirchhoff’s Laws to automotive electrical circuits.
6. Explain basic motor theory.
7. Explain how magnetism is used to control electrical systems.
8. Diagnose circuit safety devices.
9. Repair circuit safety devices.
10. Diagnose basic circuit semiconductors.
11. Repair basic circuit semiconductors.
12. Repair electrical circuits.

Course Offered Fall

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