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Course Descriptions

HIM 211 - Healthcare Reimbursement

3 Credits

Course will acquaint the student with the cost of health care in the United States. Financial concepts related to health information systems will be discussed. Content includes instruction in health statistics and the use of medical information systems. Examination of data quality techniques necessitated by current reimbursement methodologies will be included. Computer applications in these areas will be utilized as appropriate.

Prerequisite: HIM 208 and MTH 150 (or higher), each with a minimum grade of C

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply diagnostic or procedural groupings (DRG, MSDRG, APC, RUGS) to patient health records.
2. Evaluate the accuracy of diagnostic or procedural groupings.
3. Use appropriate tools to collect health data.
4. Apply graphical tools to data presentations.
5. Explain the terms analytics and decision support.
6. Calculate healthcare statistics.
7. Analyze productivity standards.
8. Utilize basic descriptive institutional and healthcare statistics for Quality Management, Utilization Management, Risk Management, or other studies.
9. Analyze data to identify trends.
10. Describe policies and procedures as they relate to healthcare reimbursement.
11. Evaluate the revenue cycle management process in a healthcare facility.
12. Solve discipline-specific problems in a meaningful or creative way.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2023