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Course Descriptions

THE 148 - Voice and Diction

3 Credits

This course concentrates on the methods of creating proper articulation, vocal tone, pitch, pace, and resonance; the practical application of breathing, relaxation, tongue and lip placement; and how these elements pertain to voice and diction, The final goal of this course is to instill in the student an awareness of the patterns and styles of speech that are acceptable and, in some instances, demanded upon the acting stage and in the real world.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate an understanding of physical vocal production as it relates to breath support, tone and pronunciation in effective, sustained speech
2. Implement practical relaxation, breathing techniques and vocal exercises that benefit a strong oral performance
3. Analyze written dramatic material for rehearsal and performance in regard to tone, pronunciation, pace and syllabic stress
4. Perform dramatic material using proper projection, clear diction and articulation,
appropriate emotion, tone and pace
5. Evaluate personal spoken oral performance based on reflection of emotion, diction, tone, pace, volume and articulation

Course Offered Fall

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