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Course Descriptions

EMS 249 - Paramedic Review and Recertification

4 Credits

The Refresher program is a review of the original program in a condensed number of hours. The intent of this program is to maintain a student's competence in knowledge and skill performance. The program embraces the same concept, but also encourages the inclusion of new and expanded information. New techniques and knowledge will be presented where appropriate. This course is not designed to be continuing education for participants. Must be certified as a paramedic.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply the concepts of development, pathophysiology and pharmacology to assessment and management of emergency patients.
2. Demonstrate the appropriate techniques and describe the theory necessary to:
(a) Establish and/ or maintain a patient airway, oxygenate, and ventilate a patient; (b) Take a proper history and perform a comprehensive physical exam on any patient, and communicate the findings to others; (c) Safely manage the scene of an emergency;
(d) Perform patient care appropriate to the scope of practice of a paramedic.

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2024
Summer Session 2024