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Course Descriptions

FSA 205 - Purchasing, Storage and Handling

3 Credits

A survey of the wide range of purchasing principles to include selection and procurement, specifications, and standard units of purchase. Discussion will include standard bid methods, government regulations, and evaluation of new technology as it impacts the purchase function. The processes of receiving, storing and issuing will also be addressed.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Discuss the purchasing professions as an integral part of the food service organization
2. List the professional organizations impacting this profession
3. Apply generally accepted principles and procedures of selection and procurement in the hospitality industry
4. Analyze specific product characteristics, especially their market distribution, quality standards and other selection factors
5. Identify standard units of purchase
6. Prepare product specifications and apply them to the ordering procedures
7. Describe various ordering procedures using standard industry accepted methods
8. Explain the processes of receiving, storage and issuing

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Fall Semester 2023