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Course Descriptions

MMP 156 - Steering and Suspension

4.5 Credits

In-depth study of adjustable and non-adjustable alignment measurements with emphasis on proper alignment techniques, methods of adjustment, complete 4-wheel alignment. Manual and power steering system diagnosis and repair, complete suspension system service including coil spring, torsion bar, and MacPherson struts.

MMP 151 with a grade C or higher.

Course Learning Outcomes

1. Describe steering systems.
2. Service steering systems.
3. Diagnose steering systems.
4. Repair steering systems.
5. Describe suspension systems.
6. Service suspension systems.
7. Diagnose suspension systems.
8. Repair suspension systems.
9. Describe wheel alignment.
10. Diagnose wheel alignment.
11. Adjust wheel alignment.
12. Describe wheel and tire systems.
13. Service wheel and tire systems.
14. Diagnose wheel and tire concerns.

Course Offered Fall, Spring, Summer, Intersession

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Fall Semester 2023