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Course Descriptions

FSA 119 - Culinary Arts: Fundamentals of Food Preparation II

5 Credits

The course builds upon concepts learned in Fundamentals of Food Preparation I and covers instruction in advanced techniques of culinary arts, including food theory, demonstrations and hands-on cooking. Students will engage in various advanced food preparation techniques and will sample their culinary creations.

MCC Level 2 Mathematics Placement OR higher and FSA 106 and FSA 109, each with a grade of C or better;

Course Learning Outcomes

1. Regularly utilize appropriate kitchen terminology.
2. Display competency in knife skills and cutting techniques.
3. Identify various meat, poultry or fish cuts and their uses.
4. Demonstrate fabrication of various meats, poultry or fish.
5. Apply advanced cooking techniques, including Garde Manger and sauce preparations.
6. Demonstrate selection of specialized kitchen equipment towards the appropriate task without instructor guidance.
7. Present food with increased emphasis on plating and garnishing techniques.
8. Demonstrate appropriate seasoning and balance of spices.
9. Apply correct sanitation techniques.
10. Follow written recipes without instructor intervention.
11. Work effectively as a member of a team.
12. Demonstrate the ability to work independently.
13. Apply recipe costing principles.

Course Offered Fall; Spring

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Fall Semester 2023