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Course Descriptions

TRS 050 - Support Lab for Survey of Mathematics

No Credit

A lab intended to reinforce numeracy and basic algebra skills aligned with MTH 150 course objectives. It is intended for students who need MTH 150 as the terminal mathematics course in their programs. This lab must be taken concurrently with MTH 150. Topics include, but are not limited to, a review of foundational arithmetic and algebra topics as well as critical thinking skills, and learning strategies. Students will demonstrate persistence and a positive attitude towards learning.

Prerequisites: MCC Level 2 Mathematics Placement or TRS 092 with a grade of C or higher; college English placement or college English completed Corequisite: MTH 150 - WR

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Approximate an answer using estimation.
2. Solve applied problems with geometric formulas, using unit conversions where necessary.
3. Apply formulas for common loans to compute interest, interest rates, and payments.
4. Compute probabilities, odds, or expected value.
5. Pose probability-based calculations for interpretation.
6. Present statistical graphs such as frequency histograms, circle graphs, or frequency polygons for interpretation.
7. Calculate simple descriptive statistics for a given set of data.
8. Present normally distributed data from which conclusions can be drawn using properties of the normal distribution.
9. Model skills such as argument, analysis, reflection, or metacognition.
10. Model learning strategies such as note-taking, reading strategies, homework completion, time management, test preparation, self-discipline, or test taking strategies.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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