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Course Descriptions

MTH 155 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I

3 Credits

A course essential in developing the mathematical competency of the teacher or prospective teacher at the elementary level. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical curriculum recommended by the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Standards, using a problem solving approach. Topics include historical development of numbers and number systems, study of whole numbers, integers, rationals, irrationals, and reals; abstract number systems; and elementary number theory.
NOTE: MTH 155 is not a teaching methods course.

Prerequisite(s): MTH 098 with a grade of C or better, MTH 099 with a grade of C or better, MTH 096 with a grade of B- or better, or MCC Level 6 Mathematics Placement.

Learning Attributes: WR

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems.
2. Create and use a variety of representations of sets to model physical, social and mathematical phenomena.
3. Illustrate the traditional algorithms for Whole Number, Integer, and Rational Number arithmetic using visual representations.
4. Identify and use the properties of Real Numbers.
5. Employ principles of number theory as a problem solving strategy.
6. Demonstrate the use of physical representations to illustrate numerals in decimal and non-decimal based place value systems.
7. Convert numerals between various positional and additive systems.
8. Incorporate estimation techniques to assess reasonableness of solutions.

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