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Course Descriptions

HED 207 - Emotional Wellness

3 Credits

This course examines emotional wellness from a holistic point of view integrating the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. It emphasizes evidence-based primary and secondary prevention strategies related to the tenets of emotional wellness established by the National Institute of Wellness. Topics include: self-esteem, physical activity and emotional regulation, character building and happiness, anger management, value-based living, meditation, relationships, spirituality and resilience.

MCC General Education: MCC-HW - Health and Wellness (MHW), MCC-VE - Values and Ethics (MVE)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Develop primary or secondary strategies for the enhancement of personal emotional wellness.
2. Discriminate between developing a character strength and a specific talent or ability in the pursuit of happiness.
3. Justify physical activity as an evidence-based emotional regulation technique.
4. Analyze value-based behavioral decision-making.
5. Create a holistic evidence-based emotional self-care plan incorporating all of the dimensions of health covered in this course.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023